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Arsenal Collection  Original book, 272 pages, A4., 2021
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THE FIRST ISSUE OF THE ANNUAL NAVAL HISTORICAL ALMANAC! A new edition from the creators and authors of the popular magazines “Sea Campaign” and “Arsenal-collection”. Exclusive materials, unique drawings, diagrams and photographs from leading Russian naval historians.
Screw clippers of the “Diamond” type
Gunboat “Jinou”
Sloops of the “Nymph” type”
Cruiser ” Elizabeth”
Smith-class destroyers
French destroyers of the “800-ton” type
Wrangel-class destroyers”
Serrano-class destroyers,
Italian amphibious assault ships of World War II
Disaster off the island of Gotland
Battleship “Giulio Cesare” in September
Light cruisers of the “Tre Krunur” type”
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