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Original book, 520 pages, A4+,  2015

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The publication is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war and the 50th anniversary of the awarding of the title “hero City”to Moscow. In the language of photography it tells about the events, people and military equipment, without which it is impossible to win and defend their Homeland.

The book will be a gift to veterans who did not spare themselves in battle, and the younger generation, as the successors of their cause and the defenders of their country.

The first part of the impressive edition tells about the war years 1941-1945, when Photo A. Sokolovmillion people gave their lives for the independence of their country and the right to decide their own fate. The idea of serving the Motherland and its protection was continued by the second part “Man, patriot, legend”, which is dedicated to the designer-gunsmith Mikhail Kalashnikov, with whom the author was familiar for more than 20 years.

With his world-famous machine gun, the silhouette of which is depicted on the coats of arms of a number of States, Kalashnikov entered the top three most famous, along with the inventors of the first plane and the first car.

The logical continuation of the book were the chapters devoted to the military-Patriotic education of the younger generation and military service. The final “chord” of the book was a solid volume of the Chapter on the combat power of Russia and its Armed Forces, which is equipped with modern weapons and military equipment.

One of the main thematic lines of the book is the idea that the key to our great Victory was the unity of the weapon and the person with whom he is ready to go into battle and sacrifice himself. This is facilitated by a large number of photos from the personal archive of military service veteran Arkady Chiryatnikov, the author of the book.

About the author

Tiratricol Arkady Dmitrievich (born in 1939). Veteran of military service and military-technical cooperation of the USSR and Russia with foreign countries. A member of Union journalists Russia and International Federation journalists, in photojournalism 50 years.

Arkady Certicamara-submariner, captain 1st rank in retirement. He graduated from the naval school and the training Center of the Navy combat forces. He served on nuclear submarines of the Pacific fleet. He rose from the head of the nuclear submarine service to the flagship specialist of the submarine division. Participant of several long-term Autonomous underwater trips.

After graduating from the Military diplomatic Academy of the Soviet army and Higher economic courses at Gosplan, he was engaged in the development of military-technical cooperation (MTC) of the USSR and Russia with foreign countries. He made a great contribution to the development of the PTS with the Republic of Guinea, as well as to the establishment of a government link between Madagascar and the Republic of Seychelles.

Photography became a second profession Chertikova. At his personal photo exhibition (February 1999) for the first time in modern Russian history were presented photographs of military products of the Russian Federation and its creators. It has five permanent photo exhibitions of domestic weapons and military equipment in Moscow, Volgograd, Kirov, Tula and Izhevsk. Author of the photo encyclopedia “Golden Fund of weapons of Russia”.

Awarded the medal “for military merit” and nominal hours of the Commander of the Navy. For the contribution of military-technical cooperation of the USSR with the Republic of Guinea is listed in the Book of Honor of the Soviet Embassy in Guinea, awarded the public order “for loyalty to duty.” One of the few in the world who are awarded a rare award – the National order of the Republic of Madagascar. Holder of the badge of Honor and diploma of the European Committee on awards and prizes at the UN for services to the development and strengthening of peace and international cooperation.

The book became a kind of continuation of the author’s photo encyclopedia “Golden Fund of weapons of Russia”. According to Chiryatnikov, ” the Day of may 9 became for us the pinnacle of glory and heroism of our people and our weapons.”

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