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Original book, 248 pages, A4, 2020
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In January 1654, Ukrainian Cossacks led by B. M. Khmelnitsky took the oath of allegiance to the Tsar in Pereyaslavl. Following this, the tsarist voivodes and garrisons appeared first in Kiev, and later (from 1659) in other Ukrainian cities. The further process of establishing Russian military-administrative control over Ukraine and building relationships with the Cossack elite and other class groups was often accompanied by treasons to the tsarist throne and contributed to changes in the composition and functionality of the tsarist administration. Despite the military setbacks, political instability, and unfavorable foreign policy environment of the 1660s, the Russian state managed to maintain its influence and control over the left-Bank Ukraine. Through what mechanisms and resources (economic, political, social) did the tsarist government manage to maintain and maintain control in this difficult region? How to change the function and the number of Russian governors and garrisons in the Ukrainian cities? About these stories, as well as about the history of Russian-Ukrainian relations in the 50-60s of the XVII century. you can read it in this volume.
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