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Story book, hardcover, 120 pages, more photos, 2022, A4+. Only 300 copies.
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This book tells about trolleybus trains – trains of two trolleybuses operating on a system of many units, borrowed (with certain modifications) from tram cars. These unique vehicles first appeared in Kyiv in 1966 and quickly became popular due to their increased capacity and relatively simple design. In total, in 1966-1994, more than 820 trains were manufactured based on 6 different models of trolleybuses (including prototypes). The operation of trolleybus couplers was carried out in 29 cities of the USSR, as well as Sofia (Bulgaria) and ended at the end of 2013.

The main difference between trolleybus trains and the more common trolleybus trains with a trailer in the world was that both cars were motorized and worked synchronously. The reason for their creation was the planned economy of the Soviet Union, sharpened by the mass production of the same type of models. Two-car couplers were able to partially offset the lack of more spacious articulated trolleybuses, which were not produced in the USSR until the second half of the 1980s.

The book tells about the first experiments in combining trolleybuses into trains (including trains with trailers), the people who stood at the origins of this development, the gradual spread of a new design, the development of mass assembly of trains based on the most common models of trolleybuses – Škoda 9Tr and ZiU-682. Information is also provided on two-car couplers of trolleybuses MTB-82D, Kyiv-2, Kyiv-4 and the Czechoslovak trolleybus train Škoda TV-14Tr, produced in a single copy.
For the first time, more than 150 photographs of trolleybus trains have been collected under one cover, including photographs from the archives of St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise “Gorelectrotrans” and famous transport enthusiasts. Especially for the book, detailed statistics have been prepared for all known two-car trolleybus trains: the number of trains operating in a particular city, periods of testing or operation, side numbers, main routes.